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  FOX    KTVU Morning News Early Edition  

    February 26, 2014
    5:00 - 6:01am PST  

morning as a huge tree branch comes crashing down on their home while they are sleeping inside. we'll show you the damage that was done out here. >> we are live on the pips la waiting for the rain to come. preparations are under way in one city. we'll tell you why there is concern there and why they have crews on stand by. >> mother nature is flirting with us with a little bit of light rain but there is heavier rain. >> plus making sure fallen police officers are never forgotten. what is happening later today in santa cruz. good morning. thank you for joining us. rain just moving in but boy we are following developing news from the peninsula already. this is a live picture in san bruno where a massive tree fell down. it fell on to two cars and a hole and there were people
inside. ktvu alex savidge down there on the scene. he's going to have more on the damage, the cleanup efforts, and how the peel are doing who were inside that house. so quite a scene. hopefully we don't see more of that but we to have rain on the way. thank you for joining us, wednesday, february 26th i'm pam cook. >> i'll give you a dollar if you give me an umbrella. i forgot mine. >> oh you did? oh dear. >> let's talk about weather and traffic. steve knows everything. >> i hope so. at least in the next four hours. we do have some rain here. heavier rain still a ways to go. there will be some areas that don't get that much rain. maybe a third to a half. other areas will get over two inches of rain. light rain will move in. it will throughout the next couple of hours intensify. but by around the noon hour, that is when the heavier bulk comes in. this is a mild pattern. mid to upper 50s for some and
57 sfo. the core of our jet stream is enhancing this on the backside. possibility with thunderstorms as well. maybe half inch for some to an inch. other areas one inch to half. so rain, breezy top windy. light rain in the morning and picking up. more in the afternoon. mild temps. not cold system by any stretch of the imagination. upper 50s mainly or very low to mid 60s. here is sal. steve, when it starts to rain, it will mean more crashes. although right now it is pretty quiet. let's take a look at the east shore freeway and the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks pretty good right here. you can see traffic is moving along very nicely. it's less than ten minutes for your total drive and includes all the time at the tolosa and on the -- toll plaza and less than ten. traffic on interstate 880 looks pretty good as you drive past
the oakland coliseum. as you look at highway 4, we don't have a lot of slow traffic yet as you move in, we've had a couple minor crashes in the eastbound direction on 80, but pushing into highway 4 there is a little bit of slow traffic in antioch. and then i'm checking in castro valley. still looking pretty good and no major problems on bart, cal train, or muni starting off the morning with no delays. 5:03 let's go back to the desk. we are following developing news out of san bruno. there were frightening moments for a family. a large tree branch crashes down on their house. alex savidge is there to tell us about it and show us the damage. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, to you. the damage is pretty incredible. this was a huge tree branch that split off from a tree here behind one of the homes here in san bruno. you can see what was done here.
the tree has been cut up by the firefighters that were here this morning. thankfully no one who lives there was hurt. three people were inside at the time a young man, his mother, and his stepfather. all of them sleeping when suddenly they were woken up by a loud noise. what they thought initially was an earthquake. they came outside to see this tree on top of their house and two cars. >> we heard a big shake. we thought a car crashed into the house. but no, when we came out here we saw the tree had come down and we saw it not only hit the garage but we saw it hit the car as well. we were really freaked out and scared. >> reporter: the good news though is this tree fell mainly on to the family's garage. it punctured the roof there. it didn't do a whole lot of
damage to the roof of the house where they stay. they say also this large tree that is benign their home, behind a fence has case caused them problems before. he said two months ago a smaller branch of that tree did break off and then this morning a much larger branch came crashing down on top of their home. the good news again nobody hurt. live until san bruno alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. we are on storm watch. some scattered rain falling in the north bay. as steve says rain will start in the rest of the bay area late this morning and really pick up in the afternoon. ktvu janine de la vega is in east palo alto this morning where the city is bracing for possible flooding. janine. >> reporter: yeah. the last five minutes we started feeling a few rain drops out here. it is very, very light but that will change later. the city has designated the david lewis community reentry center as a place to pick up sandbags for the next several
days. city officials are concerned because of the major flooding that took place when a storm hit. the creek crusted in waters and the levee. causing damage to homes and streets. with the two storms hitting in the next two days, city staff are on storm ready status. preparing the storm drains, streets, and pump station for the rains. there have been numerous repairs and improvements to the levee and the university avenue bridge in the last year but the city doesn't want to take any chances. crews are on stand by to handle any situations that might arise with the upcoming rain. now this sandbag pick up location is closed right now but it's expected to open up later this morning. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. the chp is warning people to be extra cautious on the roads as the rain moves in. some light rain already being reported this morning. the chp also says people should
do a quick inspection of their cars. make sure that your tires are good and that the windshield wipers are working. workers at berkeley's hardware say they were busier than usual yesterday as they expect more people now that the rain has arrived. >> it's kind of like the hype of oh will it really map? i need to stockpile now. >> the highway patrol is advising drivers to allow extra time to get where they need to go and expect longer commute times. as always sal will keep an eye on any problems and he will update us throughout the morning. don't forget you can get the latest storm watch coverage on the go thanks to our ktvu mobile app. just down load it to your ipad or smart phone and we do live stream all of our newscasts as well. plus there is a live storm tracker radar and latest storm watch alerts. time is 5:07. with the rain coming today, cal tran will closely watch the eastern span of the bay bridge.
the leaks is one of the flaws associated with that bridge. a new problem is misalignment of weld connections. they are off by as much as eight millimeters or a third of an inch. howeverth chief engineer says the bay bridge would likely sustain damage in a big earthquake, however, he says it can be repaired and reopened quickly. >> can you get a fire truck? can you get water truck? can you get a flow of people going back to work? i am confident. >> there is another herb ewe that has been raised, the broken rods discovered last march it threatened the opening of the span. this afternoon cal tran will talk about ongoing testing of those rods and a permanent fix that was put in place in december. this morning the santa cruz police department will hold a private dedication ceremony for a new memorial garden. that garden outside of police headquarters is a lasting tribute to the two officers killed in the line of duty
exactly one year ago. this morning's ceremony follows a public candle light vigil at city hall. sergeant baker's son was among those attending. >> it's difficult. especially when you embark on a one year anniversary it starts to bring all of those emotions back. >> seeing the community is always hopeful and reminding us for what we are there for. >> sexual assault suspect shot and killed the two officers when they came to the door of his home to question him. that suspect was killed a short time later in a shootout with santa cruz police. a person was hit and killed on interstate 280 last night. that happened about 6:30 near john daly boulevard. investigators don't know why the person was on the road and the car that hit the individual left the scene. your time is 5:09. a rare case of measles found in san mateo county. and once again health officials
strongly advise everyone especially children to get a measles vaccination to protect themselves from this highly infectious disease. this rare measles case involves a patient who had been on an international trip. the health department is triology contact anyone who had been in contact with the man. the bay area measles scare started earlier this month when a uc berkeley student tested positive. the student road bart trains from the station to the cal campus. that prompted a health warning for bart riders and uc berkeley students. but so far there are no reports of anyone else getting sick. san jose one step closer to having an official fire works show again. the supervisors are considering putting up half the money for the show. the county would also help pay for an ad campaign about the dangers of illegal fire works. they have asked local government to help solve the
problem. last year firefighters responded to eight incidents of people using illegal fire works that caused injuries or fires. a police warning after a string of burglaries on the peninsula. the clever disguises the thieves used to get the trust of their patients. >> whatever this person is, stop it. don't be such a killer. >> nervous pet owners in san francisco reacting to the discovery of more poisonous meat balls. why spotting the deadly treat is becoming more difficult. >> we are looking at 101 san francisco. we see traffic there moving along pretty well in advance of what the rain is coming in. we will tell you when traffic times start to change. >> mainly cloudy right now. there are pockets of very light rain. we'll talk about wind speeds. attention monster taco fans!
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 5:14 is the time. pet owners in san francisco say they are increasingly nervous with the discovery of more poisonous meat balls found around the city. since friday san francisco's animal control and welfare department says 45 to 50 meat balls have been found primarily in the twin peaks area. we talked with one pet owner who spotted this dog timber eating a poison meat ball on
monday. he rushed her to the vet where she coughed up the evidence. >> it's a deadly nervous system poison. >> now animal control officers say it's becoming harder to spot the meat balls because they are decomposing, turning dark and blending in with the leaves and grass. uc berkeley police are looking far man who sexually assaulted a man over the weekend. that happened sometime between friday night into saturday morning. the female victim went to a fraternity party and became a bit tipsy. she asked a male acquaintance to walk her home and then he attacked her. ukraine disbanning a notorious police unit accused of instigating violence with protestors. antigovernment demonstrators blame that unit for several
protestor casualties. more than 80 people were killed in fighting last week. president obama now threatening to pull all american troops out of afghanistan by the end of the year if the afghan government refuses to agree to terms to keep them there. it is coming down to a battle of wills between president obama and afghan president hamid karzai. the two spoke on the phone for the first time in months yesterday. president karzai is refusing to sign off on what is called a bilateral security agreement. a deal that would offer legal protections to american troops if they stay. >> i think at the end of the day, we have made it very clear that we are willing to keep a presence in afghanistan and that we want to continue to help the afghan forces and work in counterterrorism but we can't do that without a security force. general motors doubling the number of cars it is recalling to fix ignition switches.
gm has added 842,000 chevy suvs to the recall list. gm says heavy key rings or jarring from rough roads can damage the ignition switch and cause the engine to shut off. there are at least 13 deaths linked to this problem. it was a close call for a teenager in placer county who fell more than 200 feet off a cliff. they were moving a picnic table when grandee slipped. he and that picnic table tumbled down the steep embankment. the chp brought in a helicopter and rescue harnesses to reach him. he was taken to the hospital where his mother met him. >> how am i feel something i'm grateful he is resilient and bounces like a ball. >> his mom says his only injuries he has a gash on his head and some cuts and bruises
on his legs. what a fall. >> my goodness. 5:17 is the time. we want to check in with sal. there is already some rain falling in parts of the bay area. warnings from chp. >> that is right. now the wind warnings are not up yet for the bridges pam and dave but they should be up as soon as it starts blowing really well. they are usually quick about that. steve and i will be on that. of course right now in most of the bay area it's dry but you saw it's raining in the north bay. and steve will have more on that. let me tell you about the traffic it is light and quiet in santa clara. steve said it earlier. if you want to go before it rains, go now. it looks like it is a good time to go. later on it will not be this way. if you want to drive right now it should be good for you. 280 and 101. let's move along and take a look at the toll plaza. the traffic here does look pretty good as you drive through. there are no major problems. it looks like, hold on for ha
second. don't put the maps up yet. the traffic by the way i should just mention that it's in santa clara. the traffic continues to move on relatively well. and i think they are ready. all right. highway 4 is doing pretty well. a little bit of slow traffic. 80 doesn't look bad but highway 4 a little bit of slow traffic heading west. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a very good morning. we have cloudy skies. a few pockets of rain. not a lot. pam says one near concord. almost all the observations at 5:00 a.m. say cloudy. the breeze is picking up. there will be light rain in the morning. but later this afternoon i think that is when the heavier begins to move in. there is no warnings or watches. nothing. nothing right now. although the breeze and higher elevations i've seen 25 to 30. there will be pockets of thundershower activity possible
later today as we get some of that instability to come in. there is not a lot right now. cloudy skies. the only advisory is up in the sierra nevada that doesn't start until 4:00 today. a winter weather advisory probably more wind than really snow. and snow level will be pretty high. around 7,000 feet. between 6,000 and 7,000. 50s on the temps. low, mid to upper. 57sfo. mountain view. redwood city in there. getting a pretty good breeze. it will turn more southerly or easterly. some areas are not showing that yet but it will get there. easterly at sfo. and southeast at hayward. so it is a sign of things to come. not much here in the morning but offshore there is plenty there. so if you say i want to beat the rain, go now. back here you can see there is development taking place. it would not surprise me. get thundershower activities later on. we will get good rain for some. this is through saturday. so three inches there. two to three up in the russian river. coastal hills.
maybe three quarters to an inch and a half or two for other locations. this is a wind forecast. the bigger system will be on friday. right there. that will be a very windy system friday. i think more wind event than rain. rain, wind today. light here in the morning. mainly cloudy. not a lot but it will pick up intensity later on. possibility of thundershowers. temperatures they are a mute point. 50s and 60s. kind of a mild system. looks like shower activity into thursday and then a break. and then the next system more rain. we will get more rain out of it friday. sunday looks pretty good. >> i believe you. make sure you stay right here
with steve for the latest on our wet weather. i want to check in on stocks really quickly. right now i will tell you the futures indicate a pretty good opening this morning. some losses yesterday. couple stocks to watch very familiar names tesla bay area company hit a record high $248 a share. but target could get hit because it's talking about the data breach and how it will cost the company's bottom line. ready for palm trees on the move? coming up the latest effort to give the new bay bridge that hollywood look. >> and they are rolling out the red carpet for hollywood's biggest night.
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looking back at the ktvu channel 2 morning nows. san francisco is the first in the state to put a limit on the students that are considered willfully defiant. the school board approved the idea. the only other district with a similar policy is the los angeles unified school district which also has a high number of minority students. school officials say suspensions typically effect students of color, disporportionately. >> students of color are receiving harsh disciplines from school so they are the
ones receiving the majority of disciplines. >> the new policy would require school os come up with other ways to deal with students who have behavioral problems. it will take three years to roll out the complete policy. time is 5:25. we are still days away from the academy awards ceremony in hollywood this sunday but the red carpet it has already been rolled out along hollywood boulevard leading up to the adobe theater. some of hollywood's biggest names will be at the oscar show on sunday. homeless pets will also be among the big winners at this year's academy awards. halo pet foods is adding pet food to the goody bags given out. they will donate 10,000 meals to animal shelters. they will be selected by the runners up in the best actor, supporting actress, and
director categories. halo is co-owned by oscar host ellen degeneres. the pet food donations are worth $6100 each. making them some of the most valuable items in the goody bags. other treats they can keep for themselves slow watches, gourmet chocolates, polar loop activity trackers, and spa services. nice. time is 5:27. san francisco getting involved in the national debate over arizona's proposed antigay law. the proposal by san francisco's supervisors if the governor of arizona signs that bill into law. >> we are live in petaluma where it is sprinkling right now. >> and also in the north bay the golden gate bridge the traffic here looks good but once the rain starts, traffic is going to change. we'll tell you what is likely to happen a little later on. >> only pockets of very light
rain currently but heavier rains on the way. and also winds are picking up. ♪
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foreign. it is 5:30. welcome to ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is petaluma. look at the light. it's light rain. but the rain is expected to get a lot heavier later today. we of course have team coverage for you. steve paulson all over it. he's tracking the storm coming
our way. it is wednesday, february 26th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. it's 5:30. we are pretty excited about any rain we are getting. >> yeah. we are running out of time. crockett there is drizzle there, concord, clayton. most locations say cloudy. heavy rain will come in later on. still we'll have pockets where we get light rain. especially up to the north and sweeping over the area. nothing too heavy yet. there is more cloudy conditions then there is rain conditions. the only advisory so far it starts at 4:00 today. that is for the sierra nevada. that is a winter weather advisory. it is a mild system. more of a southerly breeze picking up and temperatures today will be really mild but
watch for the rain. we still have a couple hours to go before anything significant comes through. decent system. some areas won't get more than a half an inch. parts of the north bay will get between two to three. rain, wind picks up. light rain for awhile but moderate to heavy. possibility of thundershower activity. they wouldn't be until later on. 50s low to mid 60s. here is is sal. steve, good morning to you. we are looking at traffic times and drive times that are still within normal. for example if you are looking at highway 24 the drive between the 680 interchange and those tunnels about ten minutes. which is normal. but there are no major problems. this might change a little later as steve and i will be watching. especially in the afternoon commute. if you are driving to work this morning, you might escape the rain. but it doesn't look like there will be any escaping according to steve this afternoon. this afternoon's commute will not be good. if you don't want to drive in that, you might want to
consider transportation. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up. the winds are not too high but that will also change. this is a look at the south bay. traffic in the santa clara valley looks pretty good including the approach from the peninsula. santa cruz mountains looking very good. drive times 280 to san bruno three minutes. 24 we mentioned that time. 880, 238 to thornton is 11 minutes. now let's go back to the desk. as sal and steve mentioned the storm move into the bay area. that rain and wind expected to really pick up later this afternoon. tara moriarty is on storm watch in petaluma with how it looks up there this morning. tara. >> reporter: we were heading up 101 this morning and the rain hit when we hit petaluma and then it stopped for an hour. most of the folks we have seen say they are waiting for the
big stuff to kick in at noon. the wet weather certainly brought a steady stream of customers to the ace hardware store. tarps, rain gear, drainage pipes all in high demand and some in low supply. sandbags were also dwindling. drivers should expect gusty winds. they are reminding drivers to check their tire pressure. >> take five minutes and check your tire pressure. make sure you still have treads on the tire left over. make sure your windshield wipers are working properly. just a five minute quick check of your vehicle will make the difference. >> reporter: moderate to heavy sures are not expected to kick in until noon. we could see some thunderstorms as steve has mentioned. up to three inches of rain in the valley. seven in the mountains. it could be a messy commute tonight. live in petaluma i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. some people in the bay area hoping the storm will add to their own personal water
supply. denise robertson showed us her rain barrels that are helping to keep her plants alive 37 even a light rain can fill two barrels in less than an hour. she didn't even use all the water from the last storm. >> we emptied it this week because we haven't had some rain, but we did it mostly in anticipation of the rain coming up. >> she says the best part the rainwater you collect is free. water officials say they can send someone out to your house to offer tips on how to save water and which plants are drought resistant. and you can down load our new ktvu weather app to help you through these series of storms. it has realtime radar. time is 5:35. we are following developing news from san bruno this morning. frightening moments for a family. a large tree branch crashes down on to their house.
alex savidge is in ann bruno now to tell us about -- san bruno now to tell us about this. >> reporter: this was a scary wake up call for a family that lives in the house behind me. thankfully no one was hurt. this is a huge branch that broke off of a large tree this morning. you can see what is left behind me. firefighters have come in here and cut up this tree. the branch that fell damaged part of the house and two cars that were parked in the driveway. this happened around 3:00 this morning at this house on seventh avenue. there were three people inside at the time. a young man, his mother, and his stepfather. all of them sleeping when suddenly they were woken up by a huge loud noise. what they thought was initially an earthquake. they came outside to find this tree on top of their house and their two cars. >> i'm so thankful. the thing is my parent's room is in the back and that tree
was coming the branch that was there the heavy part was heading toward there. the city moved it over a little more this way and luckily they did that because otherwise it would have fallen into my parent's room. >> reporter: thankfully most of the damage was done to the roof of the family's carport not the home itself. and the family is telling me this large tree has caused them problems before. it was just two months ago when a smaller branch broke off. and then this morning a much larger branch came crashing down. you can see this home backs right up to the freeway. that is 101 right there. that is the entrance to 101. there is the question of who is responsible for this tree. we did see a cal trans worker out here this morning. he told me he is trying to figure out if this tree that fell this morning is on cal trans property. live in san bruno alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:37. now to our continuing coverage
of the california drought. despite today's rainstorm heading our way now, we are being asked to save water and cut back on water use. last night the santa clara valley water district voted to ask its customers to cut back on water use by 20%. last month they asked for a 10% cut back. the district is also digging deeper into ground water supplies. the situation around the state is the worst they have ever seen. >> i think it gets harder every drought because we already have that low flush toilet. we already have the low flow shower head. >> here are the local conservation numbers. the san francisco public utilities commission asked for a 10% reduction in water use. while customers are using less water, official numbers will come out next week. marin's water district asked for 25% water reduction.
east bay mud they asked for a 108% cut back on water use. usage has $east bay mud they asked for -- east bay mud they asked for a 10% cut back on water use. they want residents to reduce overall water usage by 25%. starting may 1st, residents will be charged up to $50 for each unit of water that exceeds their budget. water delivery will also be cut back to large landscape customers. businesses will not be rationed unless the drought gets worse. here's an example of how bad the drought has become. nasa has taken these two photos. look at both of them. the left this was taken in 2011 when the lake was at 97% capacity. on the right this was taken last month. 17% capacity.
california is now using nasa technology to form better forecast and also gather information on the drought conditions. st. helena police are warning people about burglars posing as utility workers. we talked to a victim who did not want to be identified but she says the burglars claim to represent the water company and they needed to check her home and pipes. while one burglar distracted her she says the others went upstairs and stole cash, jewelry, and a handgun. >> i was heartbroken. i immediately called my son -- actually i called the police first and then my son. >> investigators say the thieves are two men and a woman. they communicate by walky talky and the most recent burglary happened on saturday on kenyon avenue. the governor of arizona jan brewer facing more pressure to veto what some are calling an antigay legislation passed by the state legislature.
government nor brewer has until midnight saturday to either veto the bill, sign it, or do nothing and it just becomes law. the bill will allow business owners to deny service to gay and lesbian customers on the basis of the business owners religious beliefs. feelings are pretty strong on both sides of the issue. >> i would hope the governor would step up to the plate and do the right thing and veto this bill now. not wait until the end of the week. >> this isn't an issue of discrimination. this is an issue of having people's values respected. >> now the bill was prompted by legal cases against businesses where religious owners denied services to lesbian or gay couples that want to hold a marriage ceremony. san francisco board of supervisors has weighed in on this law. david compos wrote a resolution denouncing the law and calling for jan brewer to veto.
the resolution argues the bill provides a quote license to discriminate. apple, american airlines, delta airlines, yelp, intel, pet smart, at & t, and marriott have all come out against that measure in arizona. in a couple hours a large palm tree will be removed from a walnut creek home and transplanted to the foot of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the crane will remove the 20- foot pond. the homeowner planned to spend $3,000 to have the tree removed because it was going growing too close. >> they can withstand the somewhat harsh weather and conditions out here. they can stand up to the salt air and the wind and the fog. >> once removed, the tree will go to a holding yard in river
side so it can be checked for disease. if it's given the okay, the walnut creek tree will be one of 22 additional palms planted in the median. time is 5:42. there is yet a new investigation into a slaughter house in pet law ma. what it's accused of doing to pass off animals as healthy. >> police officers charged with bribery and construction. the accusations against the police chief who recently retired and his fill in. >> we are still looking at traffic that is moving along pretty well on the bridges but that may change. steve and i will tell you more about what the weather will do to the commute. >> so far not bad for the commute. there are a few pockets of very light rain but more cloudy skies. but this afternoon looks impressive. maybe the drive home could be a little dicey.
welcome back. time is 5:45. happening today bay area protestors will join others around the nation marking the anniversary of a deadly shooting in florida that ignited an emotional national debate. two years ago today neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman shot and killed an unarmed african american teenager named trayvon martin. the jury later acquitted zimmerman of all charges in the shooting death of martin. angry protestors will be gathering in several cities including oakland later today. a group of police officers in monterey county is accused of dishonoring their badge. now these six officers in the king city police department were arrested yesterday including the former and current police chiefs. they are accused of impounding cars of mostly unlicensed drivers and then selling the cars when the owners couldn't
pay the towing fees. the police chief says his good name has been tarnished forever. >> my reputation is soiled. there is no coming back from this. even if i'm found innocent. >> the brother of the acting police chief who owns the tow truck company was also arrested. your time is 5:47. asiana airlines have been ordered to pay a half billion fine. the department of transportation says asiana is the first airline to break a federal law requiring airlines to provide prompt and generous assistance to passengers and their family members after a plane crash. the department of transportation says it took five days for some of the families to be notified. the department of homeland security is putting fewer air marshalls on flights. there are not as many air marshalls as there were three
years ago. the plain closed officers fly as passengers but are on board to protect travelers and aircrafts from terrorists. the agency isn't saying how many jobs have been cut. let's go back to sal. you ready to work with steve? with the rain coming and help the commuters this morning? >> no. [ laughter ] of course i am. steve and i have been working together for a long time. >> about a thousand years. >> yeah. exactly. steve is ready. i will give you the traffic now. one thin we have been both on message with is that it's not going to be as bad this morning as it will be later. so if you want to make plans to get around, you can see a little wet weather on highway 4. it looks like the pavement is wet. if you want to make plans. if you don't want to drive in bad, rainy commute, you shouldn't judge right now. it will be a little worse later. you might want to think about taking bart or car pooling if that is what you want to do.
this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza that is backed up for a small delay. it's about a 10-12 minute drive. we're also looking at the nimitz freeway. so far it looks good as you drive down to fremont. as we push to santa claire ram valley, the only slow traffic i see is northbound 101. so this is literally the calm before the storm. you like that? let's go to steve. >> i love it. how long have we been working together? >> since before they had the internet i think. >> i think you are are right. wet morning commute for a few. not for everybody here as we saw on the traffic pictures. we have light rain to report. petaluma, concord, clayton you are back here. you can always tweet me at sp weather. e-mail me. facebook on my timeline. no vine though. i'm not on vine. not yet. there is pretty good development back here. later this afternoon. possibility of some severe weather. i say that because we don't see it very often but even storm
prediction center we call them spc. they have painted us for a system later on today. what we are seeing this morning is very light. off in monterey and toward santa cruz mountains already decent returns on radar. i will show you that in a second. nothing too heavy yet. generally light. the only warning right now well warning i shouldn't say that. winter weather advisory. doesn't start in the 4:00 today. i think it's more of a bigger wind event. look how mild the temperatures are. low mid 50s. light rain. look right here. off the san mateo coast. i see development taking place. there is plenty going on. we have to wait for all of this to swing on shore. when it does there could be pockets to moderate to heavy rain. some areas won't get that much rain. others will. santa cruz mountains south looks really solid. especially central california. l.a.
is going bunkers. friday system looks like a wind event. if you are traveling to southern california i would leave soon. things will pick up for tahoe later tonight into tomorrow. today for us rain, wind. right now it's light and moderate. not too bad. temperatures will be mild and 50s and 60s. temperatures are really going to go too far today. they will be stuck in this pattern. probably for awhile. and extended outlook does have today's system and a break thursday. there might be morning rain. friday very windy. very, very windy friday and saturday. sunday looks good. >> we want to see your photos
of the storm. you can e-mail them to us at or post them to our facebook page. discount retailer target blaming the massive data breach for a big drop in profits. target reports profits dropped 46% for its fourth quarter. sales are down more than 5% as the breach scared off customers during the crucial christmas shopping season and the company warns costs related to the breach and consumer confidence could effect earnings going forward. delta making a big change to the frequent flier program. it will start rewarding passengers based on how much they pay for their tickets. instead of how far they fly. they will also get more miles depending on their status in delta's reward programs. virgin america came up with that idea when it launched in 2007. time is 5:52. a pet rat blamed for the death of its ten-year-old owner. the reason the little boy's family is now suing the company who sold them the rodent.
striking gold in the gold country. how a couple stumbled upon millions of dollars in gold coins by accident. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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[ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪ welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 5:55 is the time. a teenage girl is speaking out about her terrifying ordeal for the first time.
that tragic story made headlines shortly before christmas when dominique was watching a movie in her richmond home with her stepfather when they heard gunfire outside. dominique felt a terrible pain in her legs as the two dove for the floor. >> it felt like to me that they were going asleep. and then they slowly felt from normal to going top sleep to i couldn't feel them. >> dominique has since moved out of richmond and into a new apartment in sacramento with her boyfriend. she is making plans to attend community college. and she is termed to walk again with the help of leg braces. the sight of the new transbay terminal it will be examed by archaeologists after a skeleton believed to be the remains of a native american were found. they were found yesterday morning about 60 feet under ground at the fremont street construction site. the coroner confirmed the
remains are native american. now the native american heritage commission is helping to determine if the remains will be removed. a man and woman in the gold country out walking their dog they came across buried treasure worth millions of dollars. they spotted some rusted canisters covered in dirt when they pulled them out of the ground they found hundreds of gold coins from the 19th century. they brought in a rare coin expert. he was stunned at what he was looking at. >> from looking at those i could see the coin underneath was perfect. i had never seen anything like it in my life. and i will never see anything like it again. >> one of the coins is valued at $10 million. those coins will be auctioned in may. now the man and the woman who found this, they don't want their name or their hometown made public. they don't want their lifestyle to change despite finding a
treasure. pam. >> millions. i don't think people -- i don't think i would want people to know either. congratulations. fabulous. coming up next in our 6:00 hour. bracing for potentialing flooding. we'll have a live report from the south bay on the steps where communities are taking to prevent major storm damage. >> plus making sure they will never be forgotten. how santa cruz will honor two fallen police officers later today. >> good morning. right now traffic is moving along realtively -- relatively well. that could change. we'll tell you what it looks like on the bay bridge. >> generally cloudy skies right now. some pockets of very light rain. it will pick up later on today. projections on totals, timing, and how breezy the wind will get. [son] she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi!
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we are live in petaluma where it is raining. >> a little bit of rain right now in parts of healdsburg. >> and we're live on the peninsula on the lookout for